La Porta di Vertine

Grower - Giacomo Mastretta

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La Porta di Vertine is a small, family owned estate in one of Chianti Classico’s most famous wine counties, Gaiole. The estate follows a strict organic approach in its vineyards while focusing on Tuscany’s indigenous Sangiovese grape variety. La Porta di Vertine sees Sangiovese as the true interpreter of terroir, capable of translating vineyard specific characteristics into wine.

La Porta di Vertine sees its greatest advantage in the Galestro and Alberese (shale and limestone) soils, whose high rock and stone content makes the region of Chianti Classico unique. The estate follows the unusual route of cultivating high altitude vineyards, where the application of organic viticultural methods sustain the landscape and regenerate the environment.

The low nutrient content of its vineyard soils is not seen as a challenge, but the key to the personality in the final wines. A balance between plant capacity and poor soil contributes in low vigour while naturally restricting yields and increasing extract. The resulting wines are balanced and elegant,  delivering the perfume and freshness of the grape variety, and in time gaining in richness and complexity, without losing any of their initial vibrancy.

The soil’s high stone content stores the heat of the sun and radiates it back to the plants at night. The constant movement of air in these desolate terrains naturally helps in combatting fungal disease. 

Region: Gaiole in Chianti, Toscana
Country: Italy