Grower - Michele Conoscente & Chiara Penati

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Oltretorrente vineyards are located in Paderna in the evocative hilly area of Tortona. The winery estate extends for about 3 hectares of vineyards facing north and south and predominantly planted with Barbera. The uniqueness of the wines of Oltretorrente is due to the characteristics of the plants. While the vineyards of clones are derived from new plants, all the old vines of Oltretorrente are different from each other and were selected 60 years ago in the same environment in which they are grown today.  They maintain the link between plant and territory, so the resulting wine is something unable to be reproduced elsewhere.

The harvest is done by hand in small stable units to select and collect only the healthiest grapes and to take them in the wine cellar perfectly intact. 

The organic methods significantly reduce the yields, but this is of benefit to the complexity and structure of wines: in fact the old vines produce less but the plants are more balanced and grapes are richer and deeper in their characteristics.

Region: Padera, Piemonte
Country: Italy