Grower - Claire & Mike Allan

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Claire and Mike arrived in Marlborough in 1990 and started Huia in 1996. 

“Since we started Huia the vineyards have grown with an ever increasing emphasis on environmental sustainability, organics and bio-dynamics. The further we go down the track the more evident it is that healthy clean vineyards are great places to live and work and produce more characterful wines and ever year they seem to just get better.” 

There are three blocks that comprise Huia’s estate vineyards.  All three blocks are farmed organically and bio-dynamically with a view to long term improvements in soil structure, biodiversity and providing a healthy environment for everybody who works them.

At Huia, the creation of good wine and a commitment to the environment go hand in hand. The result is elegant, hand crafted wines that go to help define the potential of Marlborough. 

With a focus on organics and biodynamics, Huia makes beautiful wines for today, while protecting the vitality of the soils for future generations. 

Region: Marlborough
Country: New Zealand