Grower - Francesco Guccione

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Manfredi & Francesco Guccione have one the best sites in all of Sicily bar none.

The 35 000 bottles that they produce from their 6 hectares of bio-dynamic Trebbiano, Catarratto, Perricone & Nerello Mascalese vines represent a real representation of their ‘terra’. Situated in the hills to the south-west of Palermo, the vineyards are at an elevation of 450-600 metres and sits on a classic Sicilian mix of dense clay with lots of stones. The vines are trained tendone or free standing albarel- lo in the traditional manner. All of the grapes are hand harvested. 

In the cellar, the vinification follows a natural path with the fermentations allowed to do their thing at their own pace. The wines are not fined, filtered and receive only a small amount of sulphur at bottling. These are beautiful wines but they also have a wild side reflecting their ‘terra’. These are truly amongst the most drinkable wines coming out of Sicily and Italy.

We have shipped only a small amount of each wine.

Region: Cerasa, Sicilia
Country: Italy