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I was first introduced to Francesco Carfagna by Giampiero Bea (Paolo Bea) at the Vini Naturali tasting in Rome about the 3 years ago and was immediately taken by his passion and his fantastic wines. His island of Giglio is off the southern coast of Tuscany and like many Mediterrean islands it has own native varieties and Ansonaco (Inzolia & Ansonica) is king. In 1999 Francesco found abandoned vines on the steep stone wall terraces of the island and set about restoring them and planting new vines as well. The vines are at an altitude of around 200 metres and face directly at the Tyrrhenean and trained in traditional albarello and also guyot style. Francesco works his vines only with copper and sulphur and everything is done by hand. 

The manually harvested grapes are left to ferment at their own pace and are lightly sulphured after being taken off gross lees and then fermented in stainless steel. No fining or filtration just pure wine. Francesco is the guardian of Giglio’s viticultural history and the wines are amongst the most charcterful in Italy.

Region: Toscana
Country: Italy