Marco Carpineti

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Marco_Carpinetti_Logo.gif The tiny hill town of Cori is home to one of Italy’s best kept secrets : the estate of Marco Carpineti. The ancient varieties of Bellone, Greco Giallo, Greco Moro that are planted in his organically grown vineyards are no longer found anywhere in Lazio. Marco is true artisan, preserving the viticultural history of Cori by continuing the production of these ancient, low yielding, full of character, varieties in the face of rampant commercialisation.

We have shipped the great ‘Il Morro’ a blend of Greco Giallo & Greco Moro with its distinct peach and nectarine fruits cut by fine acidity, the richly textured ‘Capolemole’ a blend of Malvasia, Bellone and Trebbiano, the floral, vibrantly fresh ‘Tufaliccio’ a blend of Montepulciano and Sangiovese, and the botrytis affected Bellone ‘Ludum’ which is one Italy’s best sweet wines. We are thrilled to have these wines in our portfolio. Bravo Marco!

Region: Cori, Lazio
Country: Italy