Stefano Lubiana

Grower - Steven & Monique Lubiana

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Stefano_Lubiana_Logo_high_res.jpg After years of searching, fifth generation winemaker Steve Lubiana finally chose a prime 25 hectare site on the banks of the Derwent River to plant his vineyard.

The estate is located 25 kms north of Hobart and sits at a latitude of 43 degrees south which is extreme in terms of Australian viticulture. The vineyard is gently undulating and is densely planted, dry grown and cultivated both organically and bio-dynamically.

The vineyard has a variety of soil types with the top slope having a thin layer of fine silt and gravel and the lower slope a layer of well drained coarse gravel and both are low in nutrients and high in water retention qualities. In the winery, Steve uses a variety of techniques to coax out the flavour and character in his wines, they always remain balanced and fine.

Steve in a keen traveller and taster and is always looking for techniques that will allow him to bring the vineyard character to the fore in his wines.

Region: Granton, Tas
Country: Australia